30 years of experience
in charge of the Defense sector and
specialized in the Middle East

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Key Facts

Founded in 2013 by former collaborators with Dassault Electronics, Thales, Airbus Defense and Space and BULL, with over 30 years of experience in charge of the Defense sector and specialized in the Middle East.

Senior professionals build the core of the above skills groups, with an average of 20 years of experience. Composed of experts who often hold a dual competency in operational business and IT engineering, ETBC typically work for end clients in advisory assignments in the Business technical and operational advisory: Business experts are former operational practitioners of the Electronic Warfare and C4I field.

Assignments related to a large spectrum of subjects:
Requirements/CONOPS documentation, high level and detailed design, organization, scenarios and tests. Edge Technology Business Consulting (ETBC) is rapidly expanding its client base in international advisory and systems engineering projects, notably in the field of Electronic Warfare and C4I.

ETBC teams are organized around the following skills groups:

  • Business and technical IT systems advisory services; Experts in systems and IT architecture.
  • Integration, verification and validation of critical mission systems.
  • Performance of system architectures.

Our expertise & team

Edge Technology Business Consulting has been created in order to support End-Users on:

  • Writing all necessary documents for the selection of the appropriate Electronic Warfare and C4I systems / system components providers: CONOPS documents, RFI/RFP, evaluation systems and tools or the selections of systems providers;
  • Conducting the selection process, including financial and legal (T&C’s) assessments of the proposals submitted by C4I systems / system components providers, in order for the Ministry of Defense to get the best and most accurate offers from system providers.

Our team of consultants has been created with the aim to:

  • Understand the operational need of the End-User;
  • Translate this operational need into a technical requirement;
  • Identify and propose different suppliers;
  • Meet with suppliers selected by the End-User;
  • Propose draft RFI / RFP to the End-User;
  • Adjust the RFI / RFP following End-User comments.

To match this aim, our team has been selected with the following skills:

  • Experience in writing Concepts of Operations (CONOPS);
  • Experience in writing up RFI / RFP’s;
  • Experience in Electronic Warfare;
  • Experience in C2/C4I.

ETBC Assets

Our core team of Electronic Warfare and C4I Experts is at world class standard as far as certification or training in systems engineering, quality management and project management.

The experience of this team covers the full spectrum of Electronic Warfare and C4I operational, technical and project management space. It is a pragmatic vendor agnostic team whose goal is to deliver results in a timely manner.

All members of this team have international work experience and have worked on projects in the Middle East and are thus culturally aware and respectful.
The members of this core team have been selected based on the typical set of skills that are necessary to cover the basics of the establishment of Electronic Warfare and C2/C4I systems.

Additional team members are available if necessary once the scope of work is defined. Additional competencies include: CMI certification, proficiency in world class sourcing methodologies, such as the following: